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Case Study: Law firm merger leads to redundant systems


Two law firms, in Eastern and Central PA, with similar legal specialties decided to merge their organizations. After the merger was completed, it was quickly realized that many of their systems, hardware, and software were either redundant or incompatible. In an attempt to solve their challenges one-by-one; multiple vendors were brought in. Laughing Rock Technology, as a local provider of VoIP telephony and hosted phone systems, was asked to propose a solution for their telecommunications issues.


The team at Laughing Rock performed a complete telecom analysis including a cost review and a breakdown of their existing phone services (phone lines, T1’s, PRI’s, etc…), their existing phone systems, and their service provider billing structure. While each firm owned a phone system, neither had the ability to perform integration and were both obsolete.


After completing our review, it was determined that deploying a new cloud-based phone system would cut their existing bills in half while solving all of their integration issues. We did need to upgrade their data networks to ensure quality of service, but we rolled the cost of the service upgrades into their contract and their savings were still significant.

Additionally, we were able to work with our ISP partners to increase their bandwidth for both offices with no increase in monthly cost.


Ultimately, we achieved all the requested goals, added additional features for work-from-home, increased their internet bandwidth at both offices, and upgraded their network infrastructure. All of this was achieved while generating savings in excess of $15,000 over the course of a 3-year term.

As a direct result of this project, and the successes we helped our client to achieve, we were asked to take over all other aspects of the infrastructure integration including migrating them to new cloud servers and handling software integration.


Looking for a local telecommunications provider who can help integrate a new cloud-based phone system for your organization? Call us today at 610.678.1978!

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