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Case Study: Museum with large campus and unique information technology requirements


A large local museum is struggling with campus interconnects and data transfers between buildings. After years of adding to their network without a centralized infrastructure plan, multiple issues had started to arise such as slow network speeds between buildings, periodic network outages, and sluggish internet speeds.


After a thorough network review, we formulated a comprehensive infrastructure plan designed to resolve their network issues and improve overall performance.


We began by upgrading the infrastructure in the primary building by replacing the switching, removing all redundant switches, and running dedicated cables to all locations.

Once the main building issues were resolved, we upgraded the fiber optics to the additional buildings on campus and upgraded the infrastructure in each of those as well.

One building on the campus was running off a separate internet connection and was connected to the main network via a VPN. To eliminate the need for a second, separate internet connection, we decided to create a wireless bridge to the additional building to connect it directly to the network.


By taking a staged approach, we were able to systematically resolve all existing issues, eliminate redundant systems, and create a singular cohesive network spanning the entire campus. Once the network issues were resolved, we implemented comprehensive cyber-security as part of a strategic management contract and have been running the technology infrastructure ever since.


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