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Case Study: Regional Accounting and Tax Preparation Firm Need to Integrate Offices and Communications


After multiple years of substantial growth and acquisitions, a regional accounting firm, with 6 offices each running a different telecom solution, were at a point in their growth where presenting a unified look was hyper-critical to their ongoing success. With the mix-and-match nature of their organization’s telecom infrastructure, they didn’t even have the ability to transfer calls between CPA’s. Additionally, their previous IT firm had started a VoIP migration 2 years earlier and while the phones were paid for, installed, and the customer was receiving monthly service bills, nothing had ever been setup.


After our initial telecom analysis, we worked with the firm to establish a phased plan to organize and rollout a new phone system and call flows that best suited their needs.


Starting with their primary office, Laughing Rock negotiated their exit from their previous contract and the return of all hardware for a refund. We then implemented a full featured cloud-based VoIP system and deployed new hardware. Once the main office was operational, we systematically deployed their new system at each additional office complete with training and custom call routes. This staged approach was used to help their large and physically diverse staff with acclimating to a more modern environment.

As we ported each office and deployed their phones, we held training classes for the new office along-side a refresher class for the previous office. That way each office had 2 full trainings and employees already on the new system could assist new employees with the transition.

We also assisted with the renegotiation of all ISP contracts to increase bandwidth and stability and to streamline their platforms.


In the end, this customer went from 6 separate offices with 6 independent phone systems to 6 integrated offices with a single system and complete work-from-anywhere functionality.

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