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Case Study: Regional Law Firm Experiencing Regular Down Time


A regional law firm with antiquated network design, inter-office connectivity, and server configurations were leading to significant down time and loss of productivity.

With the relationship between the client and their previous IT firm eroded, any complaints regarding down time and poor performance were largely going unanswered while issues continued to aggregate. Laughing Rock Technology was brought in to do a complete network analysis.


Our network analysis allowed us to determine the following:

  • They had 3 offices that were struggling to communicate,
  • There was no centralized telecommunications system,
  • Their server was misconfigured and crashing regularly,
  • They had multiple outstanding unresolved, employee-reported technical issues,
  • They lacked nearly all necessary security products required for an organization of their size.

With this many issues, it was determined that a complete IT restructuring would be the best solution


We began by upgrading their interconnectivity and security. Deploying upgraded firewalls at all three locations, implementing a secure point-to-point VPN between all locations, and deploying an SSL encrypted VPN for users was our first step. This ensured proper communications the were adequately secured. We than migrated them to cloud-based email with proper Phishing and email security. Finally, we secured all endpoints and closed all outside ports to harden the network.

Once phase 1 was complete, we addressed the servers. We resolved the primary issues and then migrated the servers to the cloud. Once their systems were running from a secure datacenter, we decommissioned the servers.

Finally, we deployed a cloud-based phone system and connected all offices to a single solution with remote tools, mobile apps, and unlimited usage.


The consensus from the previous IT firm was that the issues being encountered were unable to be resolved. Within three months of taking over, we had secured their data, implemented long-term solutions, and resolved all outstanding support requests.


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