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Digital EcoSystem (Services)

As your organization grows, so too do your data systems. From computers and servers to Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery, all of these different components make up your Digital EcoSystem. While each component is important individually, they can no longer live in their own bubble. Each piece of technology contributes to it’s ecosystem. In our modern environment, everything in your digital sphere needs to be able to communicate and be secured with a singular strategy.

That’s where a strong plan and a trusted partner come into play. But before we get into that, let’s look at an example:

LRT Graphic
You decide to introduce Microsoft 365 at your company. You do the research, you know the features, and you are certain it is the right solution for your growing team. You call your trusted MSP and ask them to order you the licensing. Instead of confirming your order, they come back with the following questions:

  1. Are you just moving your email to Microsoft 365 or do you plan to implement Teams, SharePoint Online, Chat Services, Real-Time File Collaboration, and other various M365 features?
  2. Do you have a backup strategy for your Microsoft 365 systems (Fun Fact: Microsoft does not backup customer data.)
  3. Are you planning on integrating Video Chat features within your Teams environment and will this replace or compliment your existing telecom?
  4. Is your licensing strategy appropriate for your needs and take into consideration different user needs?
  5. Do you have a plan for implementing security for files, email, and access credentials?
  6. What kind of training and support will your team need?
  7. What is your migration strategy and do you have migration partner engaged?
  8. Are your planning to integrate your website chat features into your Teams environment and if so, can your web developer handle this?

Your response:

“Geez, I just wanted to buy some email licenses.”

As our world becomes more interconnected, complexity increases exponentially. The good news is that the right partner can handle all of these things and make sure that your Digital EcoSystem stays in balance and you are always protected and ready for the next step.

We have determined 6 key components that all Digital Ecosystems include, and we have them listed below. Click on the graphics to learn more or Click Here to Contact Us to setup a consultation with one of our insanely intelligent specialists.