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Ever wondered what secrets the IT nerds hold?

Wonder no more!

Laughing Rock is proud to introduce our new, educational video series: Nerd Kitchen!

Join us in the Nerd Kitchen as we pull back the curtain and take you inside the minds of IT professionals.

With this series, we’ll explore fun topics to give you some insight in to how our minds work.

We’ll get down and dirty to show you things like:

  • How to protect yourself and your organization from phishing attacks
  • What it’s like to replace some RAM or an SSD in a computer
  • What purpose that room with all the wires and loud fans serves
  • …and more!

In our first episode, we highlight the single-largest threat to your security: Phishing. Join our host, Craig, as he takes you through what’s needed to ensure you’re protected from these malicious actors.

Check Episode 1 out at the link below and don’t forget to Subscribe to our channel to ensure you’re receiving the latest episodes!