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The Broken Agenda Podcast, Sponsored by Laughing Rock Technology, just released a new episode. Download it now!

Episode 6 is out and it is fantastic!  This week the gang discusses Internet of Things and smart devices.

Join them on a delightful romp where they discuss all manner of ridiculous things such as:

  • Smart Toasters
  • Skynet is a toilet
  • Smart switches
  • Video Doorbells
  • Jimi is disgusted by Craig’s mining habits
  • The dark side of Internet Connected Things
  • Freedom OS on Phones
  • Grounding your bad AI’s
  • Jimi’s parenting advice
  • So much More!

As the guys wander their way through this topic they cover some amazing subjects and accidentally create some fantastic conversation.

Check out the episode at any of your favorite podcast platforms (audio only) or on Youtube. Links below:


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