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Social Distancing: How to work together while you stay apart

With Coronavirus lurking about and the recommendation for social distancing, is your organization able to keep everyone working together while keeping them apart?

Work Remotely with WebRTC and LRTPBX

As thousands of employees across the globe connect remotely to their place of employment every day, the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus has highlighted the importance of these working capabilities. Meanwhile, businesses lacking such software have been put in a sticky situation, unable to allow employees into the office and unable to allow them to work productively from home.

Left scrambling to find a remote working solution, companies may find themselves forking out more cash so that they can keep afloat during this period. But we’re here to tell you that that’s not necessary.

Whether you’re thinking of making a permanent move towards remote working, or your office is taking temporary measures, our phone systems offer a full-featured WebRTC web conferencing solution. Not bad, right?

Remote workers can make use of the phone system and its features, such as status, instant chat, the live website chat, web client and smartphone apps, to keep in touch with colleagues and customers. The LRTPBX WebMeeting feature also allows them to meet face to face and collaborate with features such as whiteboard, PDF sharing, polling and more. And, with integrated WebRTC technology, they can easily create meetings within their browser with no need for any downloads or plugins.

What else can I do to enable my team while they’re remote?

While Coronavirus has created its share of panic throughout the entire world; you can use this time to assess your company’s ability to maintain continuity when another, similar situation arises.

Here are a few additional technologies Laughing Rock recommends to better enable your employees to work from home:

  • SSL VPN: Setting up an SSL VPN, provides your team with access to internal network resources from any computer.
  • Remote Desktop Services: Licensing and enabling remote desktop services on your local environment allows team members to VPN into the network and directly connect to, and work from, their workstation PC. This helps team members access critical software, that may only be accessible from a server on the network,.
  • Office365/SharePoint: Starting at the Office365 Business Essentials level, your subscription includes access to SharePoint. SharePoint which you can leverage to securely put your file shares in the cloud. Your team can then create/edit/share important files just as they would while working from your office.
  • Microsoft Teams:  Teams is quickly becoming the central collaboration hub for many organizations. With direct access to your SharePoint sites, collaborative chat functionality, hundreds (if not thousands) of software integrations, and the ability to add calling/meeting plans; Teams enables your organization to work together, no matter how far apart they are.

Leveraging the technologies noted in this post enables your team, and business, to be flexible.

If you need help assessing your IT infrastructure’s adaptability, or would like to discuss any of the technologies noted above, please feel free to reach out to Laughing Rock by calling 610-678-1978 or sending us an email through our Contact us form.

Do you have other technologies you’re leveraging to enable your remote workers? Leave a comment or Contact us!

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