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LRT PBX Brochure

Click on the image to the left or Click Here to learn more about our LRT PBX features, licensing options, hardware compatibility, and so much more!  From hosted applications to multi-site call centers, LRT PBX is the next generation of office communications.

Multisite Integration

One management interface seamlessly integrates all of your sites into one easy to use system.

CRM Integration

Integrate with your favorite CRM system to provide screen pops, click to call and more.


Mobile Integration

Clients available for all major cell phone and PC OS’s as well as native cell phone extensions insure you will never miss a call.

Video Calling

Place video calls to far off places with crystal clear video.


No per object licensing

Gone are the days of mortgaging your business to upgrade your system.


Solid State Appliance

Rock solid stability that will be running for many years to come.

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