Tips for Making the Most of Your Website Design in Berks County

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When designing and planning out a new website for your business, you need to consider the design of your site and how your customer base will view it and interact with it. If you need help making your website the best that it can be then you should call us here at Laughing Rock Technology today and let us help you out. In the meantime, here are some helpful tips for making the most of your website design in Berks County:

Color- it is important for more than just aesthetics, countless studies have shown that color can affect moods and influence our decisions, so you will want to be smart about the colors you used when you are building your website.

Font- when setting up your site, it is important to keep consistency throughout the site. Choose a main font for all the content and a secondary font for headers and titles. A site with lots of different fonts look childish and unprofessional.

Text- the content you have on your site is important as it the way you present it. Avoid long pages of text where your visitors are scrolling endlessly. Also break up bigger sections of text with images and subheadings to make it easier to read.

Space- blank space often is a tripping point for beginners when they are designing their website because it feels like wasted space. However, it is important to make a site flow and look professional and it also gives you space in slip in key images to make your point.

Graphics- speaking of images, it is important to use caution. Keep images small to make sure you page still loads quickly without crashing. Also remember that less is more, and 1-2 powerful images mean more than a dozen filler types.

Video/Audio- as more and more people rely in voice searches on their smartphones to find information audio files and videos are playing a bigger role in web content can be a powerful way deliver information to your audience.

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