We developed our first custom web based application almost 15 years ago.  It was built using PHP and running on a MySQL database.  Its purpose was to manage price requests between sales personnel and office estimating staff and provide a platform for pricing and communication.  With the exception of hosting changes, this application remains in service and heavily utilized to this day with virtually no maintenance or coding support required.

When done properly, creating a custom application can give your organization a huge competitive edge.  Unfortunately, an improperly planned and implemented application be a huge drain on resources and may never produce the results for which it was intended.

We understand this and that’s why we have generated a detailed and organized system for producing custom applications.  From your first call and the original scope of work to the final punchlist, we ensure that the project remains objective oriented and produces a result that will serve its function now and long into the future.

application development

If you have a data process, communication or collaboration need that off the shelf software just can’t seem to handle, contact us today for a no cost evaluation of your potential application need.

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