Email has been one of the most important communication methods used by businesses across the United States for decades.  Even so, there has always been a gap between how the big corporations leverage this technology and what is available to small and medium sized companies.  No more.

With the pending death of the POP3 protocol and the emergence of low cost Hosted Exchange options, email and its associated collaboration platforms are more available, reliable, and affordable than ever before.  We work with every major cloud provider and email software developer, as well as offering our own custom solutions based on your specific needs.

One of the biggest changes in the global email landscape recently has been Microsoft’s Hosted email service (Hosted Exchange) which can be bundled with Office 365.  Office 365 with Hosted Exchange allows organizations of any size to leverage the colaboration and communication benefits of a corporate mail server at a very affordable rate.  Now everyone can communicate like the big boys…without the corporate price tag.  If your not familiar with the Office 365 product line, you can get full details on our site.

Looking to take control of your own environment and keep your mail in-house?  We can purchase and deploy an on-premise exchange server at your organization or roll-out a hybrid system.

Regardless of your specific needs, all of our systems have fortune 500 caliber SPAM filtering, web content filtering, antivirus protection, Outbound mail protection, archiving, encryption, email retention, and so many more options from which to choose.

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