Domain Registration

The online world can be confusing but you don’t need to worry because Laughing Rock Technology is here to help.  We can make sure your domain is properly registered, configured, and prepared for all your online activity.

With domain registration packages as low as $10 per year, it has never been easier and more affordable to secure your piece of the internet for as little as 1 year and as many as 10! Simply let us know what domains you would like and we will take care of securing, registering and managing your domain name for you. When it comes time to renew, we have you covered there as well. Our domain tracking software will either notify you in advance that it is time to renew or simply auto renew your domain, if you prefer.

As an additional advantage, if you also host your site with us, we can bundle your services for even greater savings! Need to change your MX record? Want to add an alias to your domain? No problem! Just email our support team and we will make it happen.

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Hosting Services

Finding the right hosting service and technology can be a difficult and overwhelming experience.  That’s why we’ve made it easy by offering the best and most advanced technologies for hosting your website, databases, and other online content.

We offer secure Windows and Linux based servers to accommodate almost any type of site. Unlimited email, unlimited databases, support for eCommerce sites, SSL certificates and so many other advanced systems make our hosting easy and enjoyable to use.

Our services are also scalable depending on your needs! Just looking to post a small site for family and friends to enjoy? Contact us and ask about our basic hosting packages starting as low as $5/month. Maybe you have a dynamic site with thousands of visitors per day, databased information and eCommerce that needs to be available 24/7? We have solutions that can help you as well and more affordable than you would think.

Click Here to shop our many hosting packages and options.  Buy your hosting, manage your site, purchase SSL certificates, and so much more from our Simple Online Tool.

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