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Website Design Tips for Businesses in Reading PA

At the foundation of any successful business in today’s modern world is a good website. Behind every good website is a good web design. To know and understand the basics of web design is to know how to take your message to the masses and that is what a good website designer can do for you. When you want the best website design in Reading PA, Laughing Rock Technology can help with the best features and design tips:

  • Be wise with your photos and what you use on your website- always be professional. Too big, too many, and too flashy and your website goes from the top of the list to the bottom and move your competitors to the top.
  • The same goes for having too many photos that are unnecessary or having an abundance of flashing and animated images. These all can cause serious lag and load problems which you want to avoid when designing for your business or company.
  • Keep general site layout simple and easy to read and easy on the eyes. Avoid fancy scrolls or excessive frames on a page. It may seem boring, especially when you so want to create a great eye-catching website but sticking with the proven layouts are your best options.
  • The standard one-page flow or the three-column layout often works best. It is how books and newspapers are written and people continue to read them quickly and easily; try to avoid long never-ending pages of scrolling text at all costs.
  • Do not forget the importance of whitespace. Yes, every pixel of space can be valuable, but whitespace can do wonders for helping the flow, layout, and readability of your website. It is a critical part of web design and is often ignored and overlooked in the design process.
  • Adding an extra line of space between paragraphs, using bullet points, and breaking up the flow of text can help keep a reader’s eyes from growing tired too quickly and can keep them reading longer and getting the info you want and need them to remember.

If you are looking for a good web designer, call today to get started! We here at Laughing Rock Technology are ready, willing, and able to help you with all of your needs when it comes to website design in Reading PA. Call now and get the website your business needs!

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